Oh Flossy

Shadowing You in Watermelon

This 'Watermelon' option of our 'Shadowing You' eyeshadows captures the refreshing pink we all know and love about fresh watermelons, but transferring a minimal amount of overly-bold colour we have come to expect with play makeup. We have done this purposefully to allow the imitation of grown-ups during playtime but being careful not to lose the short-lived magic that is childhood.

We have added some intensely beneficial Coconut Oil and Vitamin E to protect little skin. The addition of these products also helps minimise the dustiness of this loose powder which helps reduce mess and irritation from airborne issues like asthma.

All eyeshadows are individually packaged with a mini shadow brush for application.

This eyeshadow contains no chemicals, no preservatives, no fragrances and is not tested on animals.

PSSST... If you add a drop or two of water to this shadow, it makes a pretty fun face-paint!


Eyeshadow: Mica, Tapioca Starch, Magnesium Stearate, Australian Kaolin Clay, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E